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Introducing Leofix ceramic tile adhesives

شرکت لئوفیکس ایران

What can differentiate a Company from others is the way similar algorithms are implemented. When it comes to the Leofix brand name, the originality of the product comes to the minds of many people. Leofix is ​​an emerging brand and its first priority is to use the genius of engineers and use the production potential of major products of the construction industry. It would be a true claim when it comes to world-class technology. Leofix tile, ceramic, mosaic and porcelain adhesive brand has taken a serious step in the direction of transformation by launching a modern production line. This brand has tried to include various and practical products in its list of ceramic tile adhesives. Products that are created from the use of first-class raw materials and are available to the audience. Also, a complete tutorial on using ceramic tile adhesive has been posted on the brand’s website and social networks. In this article, we try to examine the types of Leofix tile adhesives. Stay with us.

Advantages of Leofix brand ceramic tile adhesives

Utilizing the standards of international standards including 12494EN Europe ✔️

Moisture insulation and water resistant ✔️

Resistant to various factors including heat and damage ✔️

Great ease of implementation ✔️

Leofix is environmentally friendly

Leofix brand tile adhesives are designed and manufactured in such a way that they are not in the range of hazardous materials for environmental health. Domestic and international standards place great emphasis on reducing the risks of using industrial and chemical products. This product is produced based on chemical formulations approved by environmental organizations. Raw materials, raw materials and additives all have appropriate standards. Also, product packaging is not among the harmful substances. So be comfortable with Leofix. Our engineers and specialists have tried to use all technical protocols and algorithms in the best possible way in the implementation of production operations. Leofix ceramic tile adhesive is among the safe and healthy products. However, chemical products should be kept out of the reach of children and in the presence of eyes or if swallowed.

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